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Veronica van Eijk

About Veronica van Eijk

Dutch painter Veronica van Eijk is very happily settled in her Longleys Studio Barn in the beautiful Sussex countryside. After painting and drawing mainly black and white cows in watercolours for about ten years, she switched her subject to the landscape around them and was seduced by the texture, buttery yumminess and the wonderful colour possibilities offered by oil paints. Large gestural drawings, quite often executed in the landscape, were already a well-established part of her painting practice.
She then attended inspiring courses at the Emily Ball Seawhite Studio and learned to broaden her skills in gestural drawing and painting; that process of drawing into painting is now a central part of her work.
Veronica loves to be outside observing her environment through her drawing, painting and writings, aiming to capture the mood or atmosphere of the landscape, qualities of light, smells and sounds.
Back in the studio she endeavours to create a body of work, inspired by the amazing nature she loves.
Painters that Veronica admires and finds inspiring are: Matisse, Bonnard, Karel Appel, Patrick Heron, Ivon Hitchings, Maggi Hambling, Emily Ball, Cecilie Brown, Gillian Ayres, Huang Yongyu and Xu Beihong , the latter she discovered in an exhibition in Hong Kong.

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